Relay Reconstruction Event, The Pyrus Project, hits Warframe on PC

Digital Extremes just doesn’t let up as it launches the Pyrus Project.

This week sees yet another update being released for Warframe. While this is again PC-only for now, we do expect to hear news regarding the next console update soon.

This will hopefully also include Frame Fighter, released in the last PC update. Watch this space.

The Pyrus Project

In this latest update, a new event has been added; The Pyrus Project. The Pyrus Project is a relay reconstruction event.

Long-term players of Warframe will be aware that the Strata Relay on Earth was destroyed in a previous event and now is your chance to help rebuild.

Cressa Tal, the leader of the Steel Meridian, reaches out to players via the in-game inbox to advise players that the Steel Meridian has decided that it’s time to give back. However, General Sargus Ruk and the Grustag Three (i.e., bad guys) are also getting in the way of reconstruction.

All players need to do is collect some resources and take out the Grustag Three in order to do their part towards the relay reconstruction.

At present, I’m not clear on the rewards for this beyond a little more insight into the lore and a new relay, but I’m definitely interested to give it a shot. Similar rewards in the past have offered new weapon blueprints, so… fingers crossed!

According to Digital Extremes;

The reconstruction effort runs until September 13 and is available to Tenno of all Mastery Ranks

This Operation is currently only available on PC. PS4 players will help rebuild the Larunda Relay on Mercury, and XB1 players will help rebuild the Strata Relay on Earth.

More information on The Pyrus Project can be found at the official site.

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