Two new PlayLink games are coming to PS4 in November

Get ready PlayStation fans as two new PlayLink games are coming out in November. Knowledge is Power: Decades and Chimparty are set to debut in November alongside other PlayLink titles Just Deal With ItWordhuntersMelbits World and Ticket to Ride.

Knowledge is Power: Decades is the follow up to Knowledge is Power and includes an all-new set of questions based on pop-culture over the past 40-years. Decades also comes with new touch-controlled Challenges and eight new characters.

These characters include Internet Guy’, the human ’80s arcade cabinet and more.

New PlayLink Games

Chimparty is a party game (duh) for up to 4-players. As a PlayLink game, everything is controlled via one on-screen button on your smartphone. Featuring 90 levels of monkey mayhem, Chimparty is being billed as a party game for the whole family.

The action in Chimparty is spread across a number of different modes, which include;

  • Board Games
  • Solo Challenges
  • Random
  • Custom

For a better look at Chimparty, check out the trailer below.

Knowledge is Power: Decades and Chimparty will be available on November 14, 2018.

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