New Game Plus now available in Far Cry 5

With today’s release of Far Cry 5’s Dead Living Zombies DLC, a much-requested feature has also been added to the game. Far Cry 5 New Game Plus is now not just a pipe dream, but a reality. 

After completing the campaign, players will be able to restart the story while keeping their character progression intact. Far Cry 5 New Game Plus also introduces new, upgradable perks and the Infamous difficulty.

Along with New Game Plus, today’s update also adds new items and features to the Far Cry 5 map editor. Creators can make use of destructible objects and a Scripting Tool. These new additions will help creators make the best maps possible.

Far Cry 5 New Game Plus

When players activate Infamous difficulty, they’ll find that enemy characters will have much more health, take lots more damage before they die and are far more alert. Infamous mode sounds like a challenge for Far Cry 5 veterans only.

The Scripting Tool is sure to be a welcome addition for fans of the Map Editor. According to Ubisoft;

The Scripting Tool allows mapmakers to trigger different actions in their maps based on player behaviour.

For example, when players perform specific actions  like killing enemies, reaching a location or looking at specific objects  mapmakers can then change the time of day, teleport the player, add slow motion, change the music and add or remove enemies or gameplay objects.

These tools open up a new realm of possibilities, allowing mapmakers to add an entirely new layer of visual storytelling to their creations.

Far Cry 5 New Game Plus, the new Map Editor Tools and Dead Living Zombies are all available now.

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