Strange Brigade Cat Locations Guide – Tunnels of Wadjet

Located in each level of Strange Brigade are six cat statues. Players need to shoot each cat statue in the order they appear to unlock a special room at the conclusion of the level. 

The cat statues don’t appear until the players have reached the area the statues spawn in and have already shot all previous statues. 

When the statues appear, you’ll hear a ‘meow’ and a jingle. This signifies that the statue is nearby. Most are fairly easy to find, though some are a bit more tricky. 

To help you out, we’ve put together this Strange Brigade cat locations guide for Tunnels of Wadjet.

Strange Brigade Cat Locations Guide – Tunnels of Wadjet

Cat Statue #1

The first Cat Statue in the Tunnels of Wadjet actually comes a fair bit into the level. After you’ve opened the first door and fought your way through the fire-breathing enemies, you’ll burn some wood and head underground. At the far end of this tunnel, before you go through the door, the cat is on a shelf.

Cat Statue #2

The second Cat Statue in the Tunnels of Wadjet is just after you fight your first horde of skeletons. As you head through the door and come up to the weapons chest, turn around and the cat will be on the ground behind you.

Cat Statue #3

The third Cat Statue is located after the section with the Scarabs. After you destroy the nest and enter the next room you’ll see a weapons chest. Head over there and the cat should appear in the tree above.

Cat Statue #4

The fourth Cat Statue is located at the end of the hallway after you battle fire breathers and a giant elite enemy. After the tunnel is a campsite which leads to a corridor filled with traps. Turn back the way you came to see the cat.

Cat Statue #5

The fifth statue is located as you exit the room with the Gem/Laser puzzle. Just before you exit the room, look up to spot the cat.

Cat Statue #6

The final Cat Statue is located just above the Cat Door in the final room of the level. Before you activate the room, go to the right and up the stairs to spot the Cat Door.

There you go. That’s our Strange Brigade Cat Locations Guide for Tunnels of Wadjet.

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