Strange Brigade Cat Locations Guide – Hidden Valley

Located in each level of Strange Brigade are six cat statues. Players need to shoot each cat statue in the order they appear to unlock a special room at the conclusion of the level. 

The cat statues don’t appear until the players have reached the area the statues spawn in and have already shot all previous statues. 

When the statues appear, you’ll hear a ‘meow’ and a jingle. This signifies that the statue is nearby. Most are fairly easy to find, though some are a bit more tricky. 

To help you out, we’ve put together this Strange Brigade cat locations guide for Hidden Valley. 

Strange Brigade Cat Locations Guide – Hidden Valley

Cat Statue #1

The first Cat Statue in Hidden Valley is located near the beginning of the level and appears as you make your way to the open area, after crossing the bridge covered with zombies. It’s on top of a pillar.

Cat Statue #2

The second Cat Statue in Hidden Valley is located after the section where you can take the high or low ground (or both). When you reach a circular area with hanging cages, the Cat will be in front of you.

Cat Statue #3

The third cat statue in the second level is located just past the second energy gate. After you fight a huge horde in the open area with traps and you’re first introduced to the teleporting enemy, you’ll be able to use the energy gem to open the gates in front of you. The cat is just below.

Cat Statue #4

The fourth cat statue is located in the open, circular area in front of the tall shooting puzzle that requires you to stand on various switches within the time frame.

Cat Statue #5

The fifth Cat Statue is located on a pillar in the river, just after a fight that introduces the armoured, spear-carrying enemies. It is opposite the campsite and cave that holds the door puzzle solution.

Cat Statue #6

The final Cat Statue in Hidden Valley is located towards the end of the level, just before the Cat Door. After you battle the spear throwers that you need to kill by exploding the barrels up high, you’ll see this cat off to the right in an alcove.

There you go. That’s our Strange Brigade Cat Locations Guide for Hidden Valley.

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