Strange Brigade Cat Locations Guide – Harbin’s Dig Site

Located in each level of Strange Brigade are six cat statues. Players need to shoot each cat statue in the order they appear to unlock a special room at the conclusion of the level. 

The cat statues don’t appear until the players have reached the area the statues spawn in and have already shot all previous statues. 

When the statues appear, you’ll hear a ‘meow’ and a jingle. This signifies that the statue is nearby. Most are fairly easy to find, though some are a bit more tricky. 

To help you out, we’ve put together this Strange Brigade cat locations guide for Harbin’s Dig Site. 

Strange Brigade Cat Locations Guide – Harbin’s Dig Site

Cat Statue #1

This first cat is pretty hard to miss and is located towards the bottom of the first slope you head down after the bridge collapses when you try to cross it.

Cat Statue #2

The second Cat Statue in Harbin’s Dig Site is located just above the archway after you exit the cave where you’re first attacked by zombies.

Cat Statue #3

The third Cat Statue in this first level is slightly more hidden than the first two. After you open the large gate and are attacked by scorpions, as you head up the slope to the left side, it will appear behind you in the grass.

Cat Statue #4

The fourth Cat Statue in Harbin’s Dig Site is located inside the cave to the far right of the map. After you’re attacked by the spear throwing enemies, head to the opposite side of the area and go up the ledges until you see a cave. In the cave will be a scorpion and zombies as well as a puzzle door. As you exit the cave at the top by crossing the bridge, the cat will appear behind you.

Cat Statue #5

The fifth Cat Statue is located towards the end of the level. After you’ve fought your way through the horde of zombies at the swinging blade traps, make your way downwards to the camp underneath the big bridge. Located on top of the broken pillar is the fifth cat.

Cat Statue #6

The final Cat Statue is located just before the Cat Door. To make it appear, you need to walk past it then turn around.

There you have it. That’s our Strange Brigade Cat Locations Guide for Harbin’s Dig Site.

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