Far Cry 5 Living Dead Zombies launches at the end of this month

Far Cry 5’s third post-launch adventure, Living Dead Zombies, finally has a release date. Coming hot on the heels of the Vietnam War-themed Hours of Darkness and the sci-fi, Lost on Mars, Living Dead Zombies gives Far Cry 5 a B-Movie twist.

Living Dead Zombies pits players against an undead horde across seven scenarios. Each of these scenarios takes place in a level built using Far Cry 5’s powerful map editor. 

On completion of each level, players will unlock Score Attack and go for three-star ratings. If a three-star rank is achieved, weapons and gear will be unlocked for use in Hope County.

Far Cry 5 Living Dead Zombies

Within the game, Living Dead Zombies sees the player team up with director Guy Marvel who’s pitching his woeful zombie movie ideas.

Players will also receive a host of new tools to use in Far Cry Arcade which improves upon the already comprehensive map editor. The new updates include scripting tools and destructible objects. These additions will be included in Title Update 10.

Living Dead Zombies is the third of three add-on DLC packs that were included in Far Cry 5’s season pass. The Far Cry Arcade tools and asset releases are free to all players. 

Far Cry 5 is available now. 

Living Dead Zombies will be available to download from August 28.

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