Gameplay for Rainbow 6 Siege, two new operators revealed

Coming soon to Rainbow 6 Siege Operation Grim Sky, Clash and Maverick are the newest Operators in the game. Operation Grim Sky is Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Season 3 and was unveiled at the Six Major Paris.

In Operation Grim Sky, Defender Clash and Attacker Maverick join the list of 40 existing Operators. In addition, the altered and improved Hereford Base will be released as part of the content drop.

Both new Operators and the reworked Hereford Base will be available in the test server on PC later today/tomorrow (August 20). Operation Grim Sky will be released in September but Ubisoft has yet to nail down a firm date.

Rainbow 6 Siege Operation Grim Sky

So just who are Clash and Maverick and what can they bring to Rainbow 6 Siege? Let’s have a look.

Maverick is an American Operator who went MIA. A member of The Unit, Maverick was out of contact for two years until he re-appeared. It’s unclear what happened in that time, but he now wields a special D.I.Y. Suri Torch that can make holes in metal surfaces, breakable and reinforced walls. 

Ubisoft says that burning through walls with Maverick is almost “inaudible” making him a deadly addition. 

Clash, on the other hand, is ex-Scotland Yard and is the first Defender in the game to carry a shield. Her CCE Shield and Taser combination make her formidable, especially as her shield prevents any forward damage. If enemies do close in on her flanks, she can simply use her Taser and carry on.

Rainbow 6 Siege Operation Grim Sky is due out in September.

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