Frame Fighter comes to Warframe on PC

Earlier today, Digital Extremes released a new update to Warframe on PC. Usually, this wouldn’t result in a  news article as DE releases updates to the platform on a regular basis.

However, today is different. Today, DE added Frame Fighter.

Unbeknownst to many, Digital Extremes has hidden several arcade-style minigames within Warframe. The Flappy Bird-inspired Happy Zephyr was added in February 2014, while the side-scrolling shooter Wyrmius was added in January the following year.

Accessing these was somewhat of a secret, but not terribly well hidden. They could be accessed from within the “appearance” tab for both Zephyr and Wyrm, respectively. These mini-games have always been more of a curiosity than a focus; a little bit of extra fun on the side.

Warframe Frame Fighter

Frame Fighter looks to be no different. Essentially, DE has taken the whole Warframe roster and popped them into a 2D fighting game a la the Street Fighter series.

Yes – a roster of 35, with basic and special moves, multiple costumes and so on, and all for little else than just something else to do in a game that already has plenty to do. I welcome this approach!

With this update, though, DE has added an in-game “arcade machine” from which players can access these titles. It can be purchased using in-game reputation from one of the NPCs; Cephalon Simaris, who can be found at any of the relays.

There are, of course, other things included in this update – new amps components for those that may be interested, as well as some decorations for clan dojos. There are also bug fixes and the like, but let’s face it – you came here for Frame Fighter.

Details for the update can be found on the official site.

Greg Newbegin
Greg Newbegin
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