Blizzard finally confirms Diablo 3 for Switch

Diablo 3 Switch always seemed like something that was bound to happen sooner or later. A tweet earlier this year from Blizzard caused mass speculation that Diablo 3 Switch was in development. 

At the time Blizzard denied the rumour, saying;

We can assure you we’re not that clever. It was meant to be a fun community engagement piece. We have nothing to announce.

This still didn’t stop fans from speculating/hoping to see Diablo 3 Switch at some point in the future. Blizzard fans hopes of HearthStone for Switch were dashed in February when Designer Dean Ayala told PowerUp! there were no plans to port HearthStone to Switch.

Thankfully, this time, there’s some good news.

Diablo 3 Switch

Coming to Switch as Diablo 3 Eternal Collection, the port will include everything from the original game, Reaper of Souls expansion and the Rise of the Necromancer pack. Players will also be able to play in both Tabletop, TV or handheld mode and use custom designed controls, specially designed for the Switch.

Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment said;

The Eternal Collection is the definitive version of Diablo III, and we’re thrilled to team up with Nintendo to unleash it for Nintendo Switch gamers around the world later this year

Bringing the world together through epic entertainment is core to our mission at Blizzard—we can’t wait to welcome a new generation of demon-slayers to Sanctuary.

Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime was just as excited saying, “At Nintendo, we’re huge fans of rich and compelling games that speak to players around the world. By partnering with companies like Blizzard, we’re able to create new ways of engaging with beloved content.”

Diablo 3 Switch will allow players to play together in a variety of ways. This includes;

  • Single screen co-op
  • Wireless linking
  • Nintendo Switch Online

Four players will be able to play Diablo 3 together on Switch with seven classes to choose from, five acts to play through and the Adventure mode, Diablo 3 Switch is a huge package for Nintendo fans.

Diablo 3 Switch will be available later this year.

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