According to 2K, Paul George is the best NBA 2K player in the NBA

The NBA 2K franchise is incredibly popular with professional players. In fact, NBA players spend a lot of time playing NBA 2K when they’re on the road, at least, that is, according to @K Head of International Communications Wouter Van Vugt.

I spoke with Van Vugt at an event in Sydney celebrating Ben Simmons’ appearance on the NBA 2K19 cover in Australia and New Zealand. Simmons himself said it was surreal to see himself on the cover especially after being a fan of the series for so long.

Paul George NBA 2K

Speaking with Van Vugt, it’s clear that it’s not just the rookies like Simmons who are excited to be a part of NBA 2K

You can tell from the quick chat we had earlier with Ben. He’s super excited about it. I think even LeBron, you ask him ‘Do you want to be on the 20th anniversary edition of the biggest basketball game in the world?’

I’m pretty sure he said yeah. Well he’s on the cover now. I’m definitely sure he said yeah. 

2K and Van Vugt know that the players are all huge fans of the game, though not all players. Van Vugt said that those NBA players who don’t play NBA 2K or don’t like video games tend not to want to appear on the cover. Although Van Vugt tells me that there have been cover stars who could barely play.

When it comes to who’s the best NBA 2K player in the NBA, Van Vugt assures me it’s Paul George.

Paul George was on the cover two years ago. He’s the best NBA 2K player in the leagueThere are a few players that are really good, Ben is quite good, but Paul George is the best.

LeBron may be the GOAT when it comes to actual basketball, but Paul George is the GOAT of NBA 2K

Congrats Paul.

NBA 2K will be available on September 11, 2018.

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