First Look at GRIS, coming to Switch and PC

Publisher Devolver Digital has given us the first glimpse at GRIS. The title looks to be an absolutely stunning new platformer for the Nintendo Switch and PC

GRIS is being developed by Nomada Studios and due for release in late 2018. It promises to provide players with an intense emotional journey into the mind.

GRIS will also look to challenge expectations of the platforming genre.


Nomada is a new development team based in Barcelona. The studio came about when longtime friends, Adriàn Cuevas and Roger Mendoza, encountered the work of artist Conrad Roset

They saw the potential for different artistic styles to be realised through the gaming medium. It’s a vision which has paid off. 

GRIS boasts an immediately arresting aesthetic flair and sound, heavily influenced by watercolors and dreamlike visual fluidity. It’s truly something to see for yourself below in the first trailer for the game.

The ambitious game isn’t just about visual spectacle either, as GRIS seeks to craft an experience that is free from traditional gameplay trappings such as danger and death.

While early footage does certainly show off puzzle-lite elements, the aspiration behind GRIS is serenity, not intensity, at least not through gameplay. The narrative behind the platforming may hold darker surprises.

Following the journey of a girl named Gris as she delves into her own mind and the sorrows that lay beneath the surface.

GRIS is set for release in December. You can check out more on the game by heading over to the official website and following on Twitter @gris_game.

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