Immortal Unchained looks epic in new story trailer

Immortal Unchained, the sci-fi Soulsborne shooter from Toadman Interactive is getting close to release. Thanks to the new story trailer, we’re finally starting to see some of the why and how of this world.

The Prisoner, Immortal Unchained’s protagonist, has been released from an eternal prison to save the Cosmos. Thanks to the Prisoner’s abilities and enhancements, he’s the ultimate weapon to put a stop to the great evil threatening all life.

This dark, sci-fi tale looks set to feature multiple worlds, vicious enemies and huge bosses.

Immortal Unchained Story

We previously learned about the lore of Immortal Unchained in another trailer.

The trailer paints a grimdark picture of the universe, born from light bowing to the power of a strange monolith. All the races of the universe sought to control the power of the Monolith which lead to the war between the Prime and the Azurians.

The Prime emerged victoriously and staked a claim on the Core which was home to the Monolith. Under the auspices of the Prime, life entered a Golden Age, until the arrival of an Evil presence.

I previewed Immortal Unchained in March and wrote at the time; 

“It’s still early days for Immortal Unchained, but so far the level and enemy designs are a bit bland. The intricate backtracking and gradual opening up of new paths seem to be missing from Immortal. 

“The content in the alpha isn’t finalised so the levels and enemies might very well change. The alpha levels were only a small section of Immortal Unchained and so extra levels, paths and shortcuts will probably make their way into the finished game.

“So too will the extra polish and quality that’ll be needed. It’s not that Immortal Unchained looks ugly or plays badly right now, it’s simply obvious that it’s a long way from being finished. And that’s ok.

“The taste of it I got from the alpha was enough to dispel my concerns about the combat and make me excited to see just how far Toadman Interactive can take the idea of a Souls-like shooter.

“If the alpha is any indication of what to expect, Immortal Unchained could very well be the surprise hit of the year.”

Immortal Unchained will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 7, 2018.

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