Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox Adaptive Controller accessible packaging

Today, Microsoft has unveiled the accessible packaging that its Xbox Adaptive controller will come in. The Xbox Adaptive Controller has been specially designed to help players with different capabilities enjoy gaming.

It makes sense then, that the Xbox Adaptive Controller would come packaged in specially designed accessible packaging.

This packaging has also been designed “corporate accessibility into the packaging design and unboxing experience.”

Xbox Adaptive Controller

According to Microsoft, the design of the packaging was just as important as the design and function of the controller itself.

This challenged everything we knew at Microsoft about packaging requirements, and how we needed to gauge success.

In fact, beta testers were a significant part of the early review process and much of the final design elements can be contributed to their feedback.

It was important for us to understand what was useful on a package, and what should be avoided. Insights gleaned from beta testers and UX respondents was invaluable during our creative explorations.

Part of the design philosophy for the packaging was a ‘no teeth’ principle as this is one-way people with limited mobility resort to opening packaging. 

Key Features

In addition, Microsoft learned from testing that zip ties, twist ties and paper cuts can be extremely difficult for people with limited mobility.

The key features of the Xbox Adaptive Controller’s packaging are;

  • Both the single-shipper and retail package have been designed to “unfold” to reveal what’s inside with minimal friction. The shipper reveals the retail package, and the retail package reveals the Xbox Adaptive Controller.
  • Discreet air cells integrated into the shipper packaging for protection for the product while maintaining a small footprint and clean design.
  • Every major step of the unboxing incorporates loops, a feature that we heard resounding positive feedback on from beta testers. Loops are a highly proven lever to assist in accessibility.  The leveraging of loops begins with the tear-strip on the single shipper, kicking off the out-of-box experience seamlessly.  On the retail box, a specially designed ‘break-the-seal’ label (which keeps the box lid secured to the base) employs two loops, for multi-directional removal.   A soft, grey loop initiates the opening experience, then there are integrated loops on both the paper Quick Start Guide (QSG) and cable folio.  There are five loops on the XAC packaging from beginning to end.
  • An open cavity area under the controller, enabling multiple ways to remove the controller from the box, including pulling via the loop or sliding it out directly.
  • The box has a low centre of gravity, grounding the unboxing experience and creating a sense of stability for the end-user. Additionally, the hinged lid provides a low-effort, single-pivot access into the package. 

The Xbox Adaptive Controller, including the accessible packaging, will be available for $129.99 AUD from September 2018.

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