The Cinema Rosa is an Australian made ode to classic cinema

The adventure/walking-sim genre has made huge leaps over the past half a decade.

Industry recognised darlings like Gone Home and What Remains of Edith Finch have pushed the medium forward in exciting ways.

For Sydney based Josh Krook though, the genre holds so much more potential than we’ve seen tapped into before

The Cinema Rosa

The Cinema Rosa is an interactive love letter to classic cinema and Krook’s solo attempt at pushing the medium forward. This first-person exploration game sees you visiting the abandoned Cinema Rosa.

As you comb through what remains of the once great theatre, you attempt to piece together how and why it fell from grace. All is not as it seems at the Rosa, however, as fantastical sequences and hidden secrets begin to reveal the deeper story of the cinema, a story steeped in tragedy and loss.

I was fortunate enough to play through the demo build of the game and will have my own impressions up soon but I can say that this is not a game you want to miss out on.

Atreyu Games is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for The Cinema Rosa and you can check it out and donate at the link

For more on The Cinema Rosa keep a look out on PowerUp! and follow the game on Twitter @CinemaRosa_AU.

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