The Uncharted fan film starring Nathan Fillion is incredible

Last week on Twitter, Nathan Fillion, FireflySanta Clarita DietCastle, teased something about Uncharted. 

Longtime fans of Naughty Dog’s series will know that Fillion has been a favourite to play Nathan Drake in a live-action adaptation. As early as 2010, Fillion was keen to play Drake and sought fan help on Twitter to secure the role.

Live Action Uncharted Movie

Originally to be directed by David O. Russell, the Uncharted film has been in development hell for nearly a decade. The latest update on the film is that Shawn Levy will direct Tom Holland playing a young Nathan Drake.

The film will serve as a prequel to the games.

However, Fillion’s tease was related to a fan-film that he stars in as Nathan Drake and it is amazing.

The short film sees Drake kidnapped for stealing a priceless artefact that belongs to a mysterious and unseen character. Goons go to work on Drake to get him to fess up, but it’s all a ruse as Sully is listening in and hacking the baddies’ computers for information.

It’s all classic Uncharted and of special note is the transition from letterbox to fullscreen signalling the end of a cutscene and beginning of gameplay.

You seriously have to check this thing out.

Let’s hope the powers that be see this and decide to give it the green light.

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