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Monster Hunter World Summer Twilight Festival Quests Guide

Monster Hunter World Summer Twilight Festival Quests Guide

The Monster Hunter World Summer Twilight Festival is here! That means, we’ve put together a comprehensive Monster Hunter World Summer Twilight Festival Quests Guide.

Much like the Spring Blossom festival a few months ago, the Summer Festival overhauls the gathering hub, adds some new armour sets and sees the return of all of the special event quests before now.

When you sign in, you’ll see the list of Monster Hunter World Summer Twilight Festival quests and challenge quests is now around 50. So if you’re just jumping back into Monster Hunter World for the event, we wanted to run down the most important quests you’ll want to do in order to get the best gear.

We’ve also listed which quests have been away for the longest amount of time. 

If you’ve only got a few hours to spare before the festival ends on July 26, here are the Monster Hunter World Summer Festival quests we think you should hit first.

Monster Hunter World Summer Twilight Festival Quests

Armour Quests

Summertime Armour Set

The special armour set for the Summer Festival is the Diver Alpha set, which is designed to look like a wetsuit with a diver’s mask, a cool nod to the summer theme. The armour itself comes with 231 defence, good elemental resistances and a collection of armour skills including; Attack Boost 3, Marathon Runner 1, Critical Eye 1 and of course Aquatic Expert 1 more. 

There have also been rumblings that Monster Hunter World might have some new locales and possibly underwater areas coming as were present in previous titles, so this could be a little hint about things to come? 

You’re able to get this armour by turning in Monster Hunter World Summer Twilight tickets, these are really easy to obtain as you get one every day of the festival as your daily login bonus and one for the daily event bounties.

You’ll need five to get the armour set, making this the easiest souvenirs to get from the festival since it’s just five logins in a row or a few bounties to get it. 

One key thing to note is that there are two ways to obtain the diver armour; either as a complete armour set or as a layered armour set.

If you save your tickets and instead turn them in at the Resource Centre for the Deep Dive Down delivery you’ll get this armour as a layered option so you can wear whichever armour you like and still look ready for a day at the beach. 

Kulu Yaku Helm

If you’re feeling like landing on the strange and surreal side of Monster Hunter World, Egg Lovers United is the quest you need to make the Kulu Yaku helmet. The quest will have you fight a massive Kulu Yaku in the arena, which is a weirdly hilarious fight in and of itself.

However,  the helmet that you get out of it is a surefire way to weird out your teammates, especially since it takes pigment changes so you can style your own custom plumage before squawking in everyone’s faces. 

The head also comes with the Pro Transporter skill. This might not be universally useful, but much like the Kulu Yaku, while wearing it you’ll be better at carrying things.

Meaning you’ll move faster when carrying stolen eggs and reduces your downtime when you land hard. 

Wiggler helmet

By the same token, if you don’t feel like dressing up as the early bird, and the worm is more your style, then the Wiggler helmet might be right up your alley.

Wiggle Me This is the quest you’ll need to get this ridiculous helmet.

It gives you a massive Wiggler head that sways and bobs around as you move. It also takes custom colours, so you can wiggle your way around the map in a bright pink worm head if that’s your style. 

The Wiggler helmet isn’t all jokes though, as it does come with Wide Range level 2, meaning that any items you consume will also affect surrounding allies. So the Wiggler musician might just be the perfect support creature with the right Hunting Horn.

The Best Offense

Weapon Quests

Rocket Greatsword 

If there’s one weapon you need to get from Monster Hunter World Summer Twilight Festival quests, it’s the Wyvern’s Ignition, better known as the rocket greatsword.

This quest has only been around a few times since the weapon was released, so should really be top of the to-do list for any great sword user. 

To get it you need to tackle the Every Hunter’s Dream quest, which will have you hunt a Paolumu and a Rathalos in the arena in order to get Master Craftsman Blueprints. You’ll need two blueprints to build the weapon initially, and three more to upgrade it. 

This weapon comes down like a guillotine doing an awesome 720 damage, making it pretty great for the mid-late game. However, most importantly, when you set up for a charged attack the Wyvern ignition great sword flairs into life and fires jets of flame out of the back as it rockets into whatever is unlucky enough to stand in front of you. 

The Wyvern ignition great sword was designed by artist Frank Yang as a part of a community weapon competition back in August 2017.

The last time we’ve seen this quest active was back in the Spring Blossom Festival, so even if you aren’t a great sword user, this one is probably worth tackling when you want to work out some frustrations on a Gajalaka. 

Shooting Star Lance

The Midnight Mayhem quest has you fighting 10 Gastadon in the arena in order to collect First Fleet Tickets, which you can turn in for the Workshop Weapon Tree lance – the Shooting Star Lance.

The quest is pretty easy, you can probably jump in, slap those herbivores around and get out in under a minute. 

This nautically themed lance has a pretty sweet custom design, the lance itself has the banner of the first fleet draped over it, and the shield portion is the ship’s steering wheel.

It’s a kinda cool design that feels very military, though running around swatting monsters with a flag could look pretty ridiculous. 

Stat-wise, the first version of the lance comes in at 299 attack with 120 paralysis damage on top. It also has one upgrade that bumps it up to rarity level seven and gives you a good damage boost up to 437 with 180 paralysis. 

Azure Star Long Sword

If you’re feeling like embracing your inner samurai, go for the USJ: Gold Star Treatment quest.

Previously, this quest was only available to people who collected a code from Universal Studios in Japan, making it a hassle for anyone not in Japan. But the first part of this two-parter is now available for everyone during the Summer Festival. 

It’s a relatively easy quest that will have you hunt three Great Jagras’ of various sizes. The first quest allows you to build the Azure Star long sword, a great looking katana style longsword with an awesome design built around a large blue gemstone, and good mid-game stats.

This quest will also give you access to a cool samurai outfit for your palico. 

Eventually, we can assume the second half of this quest will become available as well, which will have you craft a matching samurai armour set for yourself to complete the look. 

I Smell a Crossover

Crossover Quests

Ryu and Sakura

If Street Fighter V is your bag, you can check out the Down The Dark, Muddy Path and Empress In Full Bloom quests. These will give you SFV Tickets, which are used to craft the Ryu and Sakura armour sets.

Down The Dark, Muddy Path will have you fighting a Baroth in the arena for the Ryu set, while Empress In Full Bloom is the harder of the two and gives you a Pink Rathian to take down in order to look like Sakura. 

You may see a number of alternate versions of the Empress In Full Bloom quest, however, you don’t need to complete them all for the Sakura armour.

You only need four SFV II tickets for the set, the alternate quests just give you different starting weapons.   

Devil May Cry

The mission Code: Red gives you access to the Devil May Cry Dante outfit and awesome charge blade modelled after Dante’s sword Rebellion.

This mission can be a hassle if you aren’t at a decent level, as it tasks you with taking down an Anjanath, an Odogaron, a Rathalos and Teostra in the arena. 

But get some friends together and tackle this team of red beasties, because the Dante set looks pretty great, and the charge blade has some pretty awesome visual effects that make it worth putting in the work. 

Horizon: Zero Dawn

PS4 players get the unique Horizon Zero Dawn crossover missions Lessons of the Wild and The Proving. These give you access to the Aloy armour set, bow and adorable palico armour that looks like a Watcher. 

The quests will have you hunting Barnos and an oversized Anjanath in the Ancient Forest, take down the big flaming beasty in order to get this custom crossover outfit and make those Xbox players jealous. 

Temper Temper

Tempered Monster Quests

If you’re Hunter Rank 50 or above, you’ll probably be looking for the biggest and the baddest monsters that the Monster Hunter World Summer Twilight Festival quests are going to throw at you.

You’ll want to head over to the Tempered and Arch Tempered monster quests. There are three of these big bad beasties currently romping around the new world during the festival, and you can find them in the following quests: 

Arch Tempered Kirin

Kirin feels like he shouldn’t be a huge threat, I mean he’s a unicorn, right? They’re supposed to be nice.

Well, underestimate a Kirin at your own peril, because these guys are TERRIFYING at the best of times. And going up against an Arch Tempered Kirin is like a death wish wrapped in a banner saying “I told you so.”

He rides the line between close-quarters powerhouse and long-range artillery. He fires massive lightning bolts and calls down storms that can fracture teams on the other side of the area. In short, I’m having nightmares about unicorns now, and I’m not proud of that fact. 

The quest A Whisper of White Mane is where you want to go if you’re happy to lay your life on the line for an armour set that looks like a unicorn founded a glam rock band in the late-80s. 

It’s damn cool, but is it worth it? 





Arch Tempered Vaal Hazak

If you want to tackle the dragon of death and the king of Effluvium, then you’re going to want to take on The Deathly Quiet Curtain Quest.

This battle against Arch Tempered Vaal Hazak takes place in the heart of the Rotten Vale, so make sure you stack up on armour with the Effluvial Expert perk. Watch out as well that this version of the big grumpy flesh-dragon comes with some new move sets and a much more dangerous breath attack. 

Beating him will give you access to the recently released Gamma version of the Vaal Hazak armour which looks pretty incredible if you like looking like the angel of death.

It also comes with the Super Recovery perk if you stack three pieces, and Recovery Up, Recovery Speed and others as a part of the set skills. 

Tempered Deviljho

Two words.

Good luck.

A standard Deviljho is the grumpiest big green pickle you’ll ever see, that is until you go toe-to-toe with the Tempered variant. Of course, he’s bigger, badder, has more health and if normal Deviljho hits like a truck, well Tempered Deviljho hits like a bigger truck carrying a bunch of normal trucks on its back. 

Like I said, good luck. Get some friends and tackle the Relish The Moment quest if you’re a glutton for punishment. 

What to avoid

Kulve Taroth

Kulve Taroth seriously shook up the expected structure of the game when she waddled into the New World with bags of gold a few months ago.

If you don’t know, she’s an enormous dragon with a penchant for the richest and shiniest gold in the land, and completing her quest can earn you stacks of cash and a good selection of unique melded weapons. 

But like a cashed-up partier in peak summer season, she just keeps showing up whenever events are live. So I wouldn’t spend your Summer Festival chasing her around the caverns of El Dorado. 

Sure, if you haven’t had your fill of the 16 player siege quest she appears in, or if you’re desperately farming one melded weapon – go for it. But if there are other event quests you haven’t finished yet, maybe prioritise those first – Because if there’s one thing I can be sure of, it’s that Kulve Taroth will be back. 

If you’ve been away from Monster Hunter World for a little while, or you’ve got friends who are sitting on the fence about it, now’s the perfect time to team up.

The Monster Hunter World Summer Twilight Festival quests give you access to some of the best armour and weapons currently available and they are a great way to show off some of the best fights in the game. 

There are plenty of other quests that have just come back into the rotation, so if we’ve missed your favourite, or if you have particular strategies for any of these, let us know in the comments.