How Many Levels are in Captain Toad Treasure Tracker on Switch?

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is now available on Switch. A re-release of the original Wii U game, the Captain Toad Treasure Tracker levels in the Switch version includes nearly all of the original.

Being a re-release, there are also some new ones based on Super Mario Odyssey.

Each of the Captain Toad Treasure Tracker levels is a self-contained diorama. These dioramas each have a Power Star (or Moon in the Mario Odyssey levels) and other collectables for you to find. 

Most of the Captain Toad Treasure Tracker levels also have three gems for you to collect. Some have 1-Up Mushrooms and some have Golden Mushrooms worth 50 coins.

Each level also has a bunch of coins to collect and per the rules of the Mario universe, 100 coins grants a 1-Up.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Levels

When you begin Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, you’ll have access to Episode One only. After completing the first episode you’ll unlock a second and after completing the second episode you’ll be able to play the third.

Finally, after you finish Episode Three, you’ll unlock the Bonus chapter.

These episodes each contain a number of levels, boss fights and bonus levels for collecting coins. Below you’ll find the lists for each Episode and the levels contained within.


Episode One

1. Plucky Pass Beginnings2. Walleye Tumble Temple3. Touchstone Trouble
4. Mushroom Mesa5. Double Cherry Palace6. Shy Guy Heights
7. Spinwheel Library8. Mine Cart Tunnel Throwdown9. Spinwheel Bullet Bill Base
10. The King of Pyropuff Peak11. Piranha Creeper Cover12. Briny Bowl Swimming Hole
13. Turnip Cannon Jungle14. Pop-Up Prairie Town15. Drop-Road Dash
16. Dodgy Doors at Boo Mansion17. Blizzard on the Star Express18. Wingo’s Watchtower

With Episode One out of the way, you’ll find yourself in control of Toadette. Again, you’re in search of treasure and also looking to rescue Captain Toad.


Episode Two

1. Chute Scoot Slopes2. Stumper Sneakaround3. Sundown Mine Cart Rundown
4. Sinister Street Signs5. Floaty Fun Water Park6. Drift-Along Canyon
7. Sliding Slab Shuffle8. Spooky Spectres at Shadow Manor9. Draggadon’s Revenge
10. Spinwheen Cog Ruins11. Wind-Up Stairs12. Up ‘n’ Down Terrace
13. Clear Pipe Puzzlebox14. Midnight in the Wandering Woods15. Double Cheery Spires
16. Bullet Bill’s Touchy Trials17. Spinwheel Sky Fort18. Battle Tower Blitz

With Episode Two down, you’ll be getting into the end-game in Episode Three. The Third Chapter of Captain Toad Treasure Tracker sees you controlling both Captain Toad and Toadette, though not at the same time, as they both look for treasure and each other.


Episode Three

1. Rolling Inferno2, Seesaw Sizzle3. Beep Block Sky Plaza
4. Pickaxe Cave Plummet5. Stumpy Springs Sanctuary6. Biddybud Snow Stroll
7. Cagey Conkdoor Caper8. Up ‘n’ Down Desert9. Mine Cart Ruins Rumble
10. Multi-Vator Mayhem11. Flip Panel Footpath12. Rock Block Badlands
13. Secret of the Golden Realm14. Shy Guy Shadow Den15. Razzle-Dazzle Slider
16. Poison Canal Cannon Run17. Fright Train Flight18. No Sleep at Kamek Keep
19. Retro Ramp-Up20. Twisty-Turny Planet21. Ghost Gallery Gambit
22. Touchstone Turmoil23. Colour Crate Carousel24. Trick Track Hall
25. Deep Space Gyromajig26. Magma Road Marathon27. Scalding Scaffold Sinkhole
 28. Wingo’s Whackdown 

Finally, after completing all three episodes, you’ll unlock the Bonus chapter. These levels are a mish-mash of new and old levels, special completion requirements and new mechanics.




Super Mario Odyssey Levels

1. Secret of the Inverted Pyramid2. Mine Cart Cascade Crusade3. Uptown, Downtown
4. Cookatiel’s Sizzling Sprint  

Toad Brigade, Move Out

1. Toad Brigade to Mushroom Mesa!2. Toad Brigade to Trick Track Hall!3. Toad Brigade to Bullet Bill Base!
4. Toad Brigade to Magikoopa Keep!  

Curse of the Mummy-Me

1. Mummy-Me on the Flip Panel Footpath2. Mummy-Me on the Drop Road Dash3. Mummy-Me at Pyro Puff Peak

Memories of our Adventures

1. Episode One Prologue2. Episode Two Prologue3. Episode Three Prologue

Keep On Tracking, Captain Toad!

1. Mummy-Me Maze Forever  

Unlimited Coins Galore

16. Coins Galore17. More Coins Galore18. Even More Coins Galore

There you have it. 

All up, there are 82 Captain Toad Treasure Tracker levels, which include four all-new episodes based on Super Mario Odyssey.

These four new levels replace the Wii U exclusive levels that were based on Super Mario 3D World

Each of the Captain Toad Treasure Tracker levels found in Episodes One through Three also includes a special Hide and Seek mode. Players will need to search from all angles to find a pixellated Toad and tap on him.

Make sure you check out our review.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is available now.

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