The Gfinity Elite Series Australia finals are this weekend

This past weekend saw the Gfinity Elite Series Australia playoffs. There was plenty of action and drama, but this weekend marks the Gfinity Elite Series Australia Finals and the end of the inaugural series for Gfinity Australia.

That’s not all as this tournament also represents the first national city-based league, and has proven to be a great success.

Following five-weeks of regular season play, plus this week’s playoffs, four teams will head into the finals for a share in over $250,000 AUD in prize money. That’s a lot of pineapples.

Gfinity Elite Series Australia Finals

While our dedicated esports round-up isn’t due to be published for a few days, here’s a taste.

Melbourne Order is the only team to secure a spot in all three grand finals and, not only that, have a very solid chance of winning all three. Where the Sydney Chiefs were leading the charge out of the regular season, some devastating losses in the playoffs have led to their elimination from all but CS: GO.

Melbourne Avant Gaming will be taking on fellow Victorians, Melbourne Order for the Rocket League Championship which should be a great match. It’s always good to see Victorian teams battling for supremacy and this weekend’s Rocket League Grand Final is no exception.

Meanwhile, Perth Ground Zero will be squaring off with the Order for the Street Fighter V Grand Final. It should be an awesome weekend.

Melbourne Order vs Australia

This Gfinity Elite Series tournament is a first for Gfinity in Australia but has been a huge success, with almost 2.9 million channel views and 125 million minutes watched on Twitch to date.

This is a huge boon for the Australian esports community, and hopefully a shot in the arm for potential investors. Dominic Remond, Gfinity Esports Australia’s CEO said of the inaugural season;

Melbourne is arguably the sporting capital of Australia, and Melbourne Order has delivered consistent high level teams across all three titles.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is likely to be hotly contested in their match up against Sydney Chiefs, the classic inter-city rivalry, followed by a Melbourne Derby final against Melbourne Avant in Rocket League on Sunday.

To catch all of the Gfinity Elite Series Australia finals, make sure you tune in on TwitchRocket League fans are reminded that they can catch all the action on ONE from 10AM-1PM AEST Sundays.

Good luck to all those competing!

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