Blood Bowl Dark Elves now available for pre-order

Games Workshop has now made the new Blood Bowl Dark Elves team, The Naggaroth Nightmares, boxset available for pre-order. This set contains 12 new models, six Line-men, two Runners, two Blitzers and two Witch Elves. 

There are several head options for the Line-men for a little more variety. Lefties will also be happy to learn that there are left-handed options for the Witch Elves. It’s always said that left-handedness indicates evil and with one Witch-Elf holding the dripping heart of a fallen foe, it sounds about right.

All players are clad in the usual spiked light armour with some additional Cold One skin for extra padding.   

Blood Bowl Dark Elves

If you want to go all in, along with the models, the appropriate data cards, themed pitch and dugout, there are some pretty nice looking translucent purple Dark Elf dice available to order.

Games Workshop describes the team as;

A new team founded after the collapse of the NAF, many Nightmares players previously played for the disbanded Naggaroth Nightwings who fell into receivership when the head coach took flight with the team treasury. Despite their status as a new team then, they have an influx of incredible talent, and are already proving themselves to be nightmares (do you see?) for their opponents

There is of course one more thing for the Dark Elves.

If you want to know the rules and stats for this team before receiving your order or playing against them and don’t have the supplement Death Zone 1,  you’ll have to pick up a copy of issue 2 of the new Blood Bowl magazine Spike! Journal.

In addition, to celebrate the dastardliness of this team GW is also releasing an additional darkly themed pitch and dugout. One side shows a bloody abandoned temple and the other the fiery hellscape of chaos. 

This dugout provides a bit of variety in scenery to your battles…*ahem*… matches, if you feel the need for it.

The Naggaroth Nightmares will set you back $55AUD and will be released on July 14, 2018.

In addition to the 12 models in the kit, you’ll also receive “2 turn markers, 2 double-sided score coins featuring a Dark Elves icon and 4 balls – 2 Kraken eggs (with protruding tentacles) and 2 balls made from the hide of a Cold One, lacking pegs.”

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