Screwtape Studios awarded a grant from Screen Development Queensland

Screwtape Studios has announced that it is the recipient of a Game Development and Marketing Investment grant from Screen Queensland. The studio will use the grant to help fund the development of Damsel.

Damsel is Screwtape Studio’s first PC and console title and is currently available on Steam Early Access. Set in a dark, alternate universe, Damsel sees humans and vampires living side by side.

In Damsel’s universe, vampires are all employed by the company that produces Red Mist, the best selling vampire drink in the world. The titular character Damsel is given a tip that Red Mist may contain human blood so is sent to investigate by the Department of Sanguinarian Affairs (DSA).

Damsel Game

A fast-paced, 90s style action-platformer, Damsel will include more than 75 missions across 15 locations.

According to Screwtape Studios;

The grant will allow the company to hire multiple Queensland practitioners, including professionals new to the industry, to complete development of Damsel as well as fund the marketing for release on multiple platforms over a 6-month period.

During this time approx $119,000 will also be injected back into the Queensland economy through local spending.

Damsel has previously only been funded by Screwtape Studios and the team welcomes this investment partnership with Screen Queensland.

Screwtape Studios’ Producer Megan Summers said, “We are so happy that Screen Queensland has stepped up to the plate with this fantastic funding opportunity.

“We could have moved our company out of the state a long time ago to have a better chance of securing grant investment, but Queensland is our home and we are very excited to be a part of what Screen Queensland is offering.”

Screwtape Studios was founded by Megan Summers and Anthony Wood, who between them have experience at Krome, Pandemic and THQ.

Damsel is available on Steam Early Access.

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