Team Sonic Racing details revealed

Following the release of the Team Sonic Racing teaser trailer, SEGA has released a handful of details regarding the upcoming racer.

The Team Sonic Racing details include information about solo and online racing, modes, characters and more. 

Team Sonic Racing is the third game in the series and is developed by Sumo Digital. Sumo Digital has developed all of the Sonic racing titles and is also known for Forza Horizon titles.

Team Sonic Racing Details

In Team Sonic Racing, players will be able to compete against 11 other racers for a total of 12 in each race. Four-player split-screen will be available in a variety of modes including;

  • Grand Prix
  • Exhibition
  • Time Trial 
  • Team Adventure

The word Team in the title doesn’t just refer to the Sonic dev team. In Team Sonic Racing, players will race and win as a team. You can even perform special Team Moves to assist teammates, takedown other racers and use a special Team Ultimate move.

Players will be able to make use of weapons while they race. These special items, known as Wisps, will include 14 different types. Players will be able to make use of both offensive and defensive items.

Something that sounds quite fun and interesting is Team Adventure mode. According to SEGA adventure mode is a;l

Unique story experience where players are introduced to basic game features and characters

It’s been a while since a kart racing game has had a story mode. The best example I can think of is Diddy Kong Racing on N64. Let’s hope Team Sonic Racing is as good.

Finally, Team Sonic Racing includes 15 characters from the Sonic franchise which are grouped into Speed, Technique or Power.

Team Sonic Racing is coming to PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One this Summer (Winter for the Northern Hemisphere). 

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