The Mario Tennis Aces Online Tournament Demo is now available to download

The Mario Tennis Aces demo is now available to download. An online tournament will run from June 2 through June 4 and will let players try Mario Tennis Aces ahead of release.

In the Mario Tennis Demo, players will be able to use Mario, Peach, Yoshi, and Bowser. Players will be able to compete against other players in addition to practising against the AI. By playing the Mario Tennis Aces demo, players will earn points which can be used to unlock costumes for the characters.

Points can also be used to unlock content in the full game when it’s released on June 22, 2018.

Mario Tennis Aces Demo

To download the demo, simply follow these steps;

  • Open the Nintendo Switch eShop
  • Go to the search section
  • Search for ‘tennis’ or ‘mario tennis’
  • The Mario Tennis Aces Demo should appear in your search results
  • Download the demo

The Mario Tennis Aces Demo is only 392 MB. It seems like the demo is only a client right now and will be updated when the demo goes live.

Currently, when you try to access any features in the demo, you’re greeted with a screen that says “This service is currently unavailable.”

The demo includes the Online Tournament, Practice Match with COM, How to Play and Options. How to play includes a mode for Practicing both Basic and Advanced Shots and Controls and Tips.

The Controls and Tips menu includes a tonne of information on how to play Mario Tennis Aces and will come in handy for new players.

Marion Tennis Aces Demo’s options menu includes Music, Tournament Commentary, Speed display in KMH or MPH, left or right-hand settings, Gyro controls and inversion options.

You can download the Mario Tennis Aces Demo from the eShop and get ready to play from June 2.

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