Rick & Morty Virtual Rick-ality Review

Rick & Morty Virtual Rick-ality is easily one of the best PSVR games I’ve played. And not just because I’m a fan of the show, but that certainly helps.

The reason why it’s one of the best PSVR experiences you can have is that of the gameplay and the way in which VR has been integrated into the way the game is played. I suffer from motion sickness while playing VR pretty badly, but thankfully that was largely avoided in Rick & Morty Virtual Rick-ality.

Playing as a Morty clone, you remain stationary and can warp between a few points within Rick’s garage. You have a full 360-degree field of view and can interact with everything you can see. All the junk on Rick’s shelves, his booze, kalaxian crystals and even a plumbus are yours for the fondling. 

Rick & Morty Virtual Rick-ality Review

Anything you can’t reach can be picked up by the helpful Mr. Youseeks and tossed over to you. It’s a good system that means you’re able to enjoy your surroundings, without having to move around and get sick.

The game is firmly based on established Rick & Morty lore and the story is as hilarious and ridiculous as you’d expect. I won’t give too much away, but the story begins and ends with the Morty clone having to do Rick’s laundry.

Throughout the game, much of what you’ll be doing is playing a series of mini-games. Each of these games takes full advantage of being within VR and the PlayStation Move controllers. One minigame sees you shooting at hordes of Gromflomites while another task has you solving a 3D puzzle.

My absolute favourite moment in the entire game though, was when you get to play Roy inside Rick & Morty Virtual Rick-ality.

Roy is first seen in Mortynight Run and is an arcade game Rick and Morty play at Blitz and Chitz. In the game, players live the life of Roy and earn points for whatever deeds they accomplished in his life. 

This Guy’s Got no Social Security Number for ROY!

The version is Rick & Morty Virtual Rick-ality is much cruder, with cardboard cutout characters taking the place of NPCs and Justin Roiland hilariously providing dodgy voice acting. My favourite part occurred during this section when I, as Roy, was handed my Social Security card. 

I tossed the card away, laughing to myself, as in Mortynight Run, Rick draws a crowd for doing the same thing. I didn’t think anything else of it until a few seconds later when a Trophy unlocked, directly referencing the episode and that moment.

That’s when Rick & Morty Virtual Rick-ality, went from fun diversion to hilarious must play in my eyes. That being said, while VR games tend to require a fair bit of space to play, Rick & Morty Virtual Rick-ality needs a lot of space. I had to totally clear out my lounge room in order to have enough space to play. 

If your play area is small, you probably won’t be able to get the most out of Rick & Morty Virtual Rick-ality. If you do have space though, it’s totally worth it. But only if you’re a fan. Thos who’ve never seen the show won’t get much out of this game at all.

For a VR experience, Rick & Morty Virtual Rick-ality is one of the best around. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to jump back in and take Roy off the grid.

Rick & Morty Virtual Rick-ality was reviewed on PS4 using a PSVR headset and Move Controllers. A physical copy of the game was provided by the publisher.

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    Throwing away your Social Security number - 10/10


Rick & Morty Virtual Rick-ality is an excellent example of VR being applied well to a license.

Fans of the show will absolutely love being able to explore Rick’s garage and interact with Rick & Morty. Those who aren’t fans though won’t get anything out of Rick & Morty Virtual Rick-ality and probably shouldn’t bother.

Most VR games need space to play, but Rick & Morty Virtual Rick-ality needs A LOT. It’s totally worth it though. Especially when you toss away your social security number while playing Roy.

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