Battlefield V teaser all but confirms WWII setting

Looks like the rumours were true, Battlefield is headed back to World War II. Ahead of the game’s reveal on May 23, EA and DICE have released a short, short teaser that gives a surprising amount of information away.

First and foremost, Battlefield V looks like it will definitely be set during WWII. The scene looks to be from a melee animation and features a German soldier shooshing in homage to Saving Private Ryan

How do we know he’s German? His goggles give him away. They’re unmistakeably Luftwaffe goggles and you can see real-life versions on Solider of Fortune and below (thanks DualShockers).

The other WWII giveaway is the German Iron Cross on the top right of the score counter.

Battlefield V

The score counter indicates that the game mode is Battlefield’s classic Conquest, which makes sense. We can also see that there are four squad members; Scout, Support, Medic and one unknown symbol. 

It’s speculated that it could be the Engineer or Squad Leader role.

It should also be noted that the player health bar looks quite unique when compared to other Battlefield games, though whether or not that is a significant detail isn’t clear as yet.

Finally, on Twitter, the teaser features the Xbox logo. This suggests that Battlefield V will feature Microsoft marketing. 

Stay tuned as the Battlefield V reveal gets underway on May 23.


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