Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version launching for Nintendo Switch

Right out of left-field comes the news that Resident Evil 7 is launching for Nintendo Switch. Unlike the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions, the Switch version is cloud-based with the download being only a 45mb client.

Resident Evil 7 Switch will include the full game and all DLC as well as support for the Pro Controller and special Joy-Con Motion Controls. According to the Japanese website, via Google Translate, the cloud system is as follows;

By downloading the special application, you can easily play the game without downloading large amount of game data.

Since the game information is always received from the cloud server where the game data is stored through the internet line, a stable network environment is required.

The Resident Evil 7 application on the eShop is free and players are able to play a trial version for up to 15-minutes. Once 15-minutes have elapsed, players will be prompted to purchase a ticket.

The ticket costs 2,000 Yen and gives players access to Resident Evil 7 Switch for 180 days. After that, they’ll need to buy a new ticket. 

Game saves will also be saved on the server side and if a player doesn’t renew their ticket they may lose their save data.

The Resident Evil 7 Switch Cloud Version client download is 42MB and will launch on May 24, 2018.

It’s not yet clear if a western release will be announced.

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