Is Fortnite Season 5 already being teased?

Is Epic Games already starting to tease Fortnite Season 5? It seems that way and the game’s Reddit community agrees. 

The meteor that signalled the beginning of Season 4 appeared during Season 3 was a season-long teaser. Similarly, the changes made to the map and new cosmetics have players speculating about what might be coming in Fortnite Season 5.

Although the meteor destroyed Dusty Depot, there have been other structures on the island that have been destroyed. There have also been some new additions which all seem to tie together.

So what exactly is going on in Fortnite and does it have to do with Season 5? Let’s take a look.

Fortnite Season 5

First spotted by Redditor  the image above shows damage that certainly didn’t come from any meteor. The giant footprint is just the latest in a long line of dinosaur teasers from Epic.

Two dinosaur themed costumes — Tricera Ops and Rex — have been released for Fortnite in the past. One of the Season 3 Battle Pass rewards was also Dinosaur Banner Icon.

In the Season 4 announcement trailer, the island is slammed by meteors and we see heroes scrambling to avoid them. At the very end, two characters wearing the Rex costume look on as they’re about to get wiped out by the meteor. Just what was in that Chug Jug?

There are some fans who believe the footprint is far too big to be from a dinosaur and is instead of a monster like Godzilla. This is a really good point as it ties in with the other new additions on the map.

There are even more interesting things to note that could be teasers for Fortnite Season 5. At Dusty Divot, formerly Dusty Depot, the crater has become the home to a research centre.

Looking like the SHIELD facility from the first Thor film, this area looks to be a place for scientists to research the impact of the meteor. 

Elsewhere across the island, players have noticed cameras being set up and film sets being constructed. This has led to speculation that Fortnite Season 5 is going to feature a Kaiju theme.

It’s also thought that perhaps the meteor will act as an extinction event and return the island to a prehistoric state. Epic even teased extinction in a recent tweet.

Perhaps the characters wearing the Rex suits are a hint of some transformations sparked by the cosmic radiation from the meteor.

Fortnite Season 4 has only just commenced so players can expect the teasers for Fortnite Season 5 to ramp up as time goes on. For now, enjoy the changes to the game brought by the latest update and have fun completing the new Battle Pass tiers.

Fortnite is available now for PC, PS4, Xbox One and mobile.

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