Treyarch may be teasing the Pick 10 system coming back in Black Ops 4

The Pick 10 System was first introduced in Black Ops 2 and developer Treyarch may be teasing a return for Pick 10 in Black Ops 4.

Pick 10 gives players a total of 10 slots to equip guns, perks, equipment, grenades and the like. Players are able to customise their loadout however they like within those 10 slots.

Advanced Warfare used a modified version called Pick 13, however, Infinite Warfare and WWII did away with Pick 10 and instead focused on custom classes and divisions.

Pick 10 Black Ops 4

The idea that Black Ops 4 will include the Pick 10 System comes from a tweet posted by Treyarch responding to a fan. The fan’s tweet read “In Treyarch we Trust” and Treyarch responded with the tweet below.

So while Treyarch is giving the fan’s tweet a high score of 10, it’s a very strange way to say thanks and it’s even weirder to include the image. In fact, the image has many similarities with the Pick 10 icons in existing Call of Duty games.

If Pick 10 returns in Black Ops 4, it would definitely make many Call of Duty fans happy. The Pick 10 System was widely praised on release and was refined over the next few sequels. 

Reception to Infinite Warfare and WWII’s multiplayer systems was much cooler, especially the latter as it gives players much fewer options for customisation. 

For now, we’ll have to be content to sit back and speculate, though we won’t have to wait long to find out. Treyarch will be revealing Black Ops 4 and providing plenty of details at an event on May 17.

Who wants Pick 10 in Black Ops 4?

The return of the Pick 10 System isn’t the only rumour about Black Ops 4.

It’s been speculated that Black Ops 4  won’t include a single-player campaign and that Raven Software is developing a Battle Royale mode for the game. 

Is it time for Call of Duty to do away with single-player campaigns?

Will a return of Pick 10 make you more excited for Black Ops 4?

Stay tuned for more information on May 17.

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