Meteors have started raining down in Fortnite

It’s been a long time coming, but Fortnite’s meteor showers have officially begun. Players first noticed something amiss in the sky when the meteors first appeared and speculation ran rampant, but now that they’ve finally started to fall we’re seeing their impact.

In a video below, embedded with the tweet, you can see some meteors collide into some buildings, doing damage as they pass through. It was thought that the meteor was going to destroy Tilted Towers, but even though the video below shows that, the meteors have been landing all over. 

It’s not just buildings that have been destroyed either. The meteors have wrecked trees, buildings, parts of the island and anything else that gets in the way.

Fortnite Meteors

Aside from the speculation that Tilted Towers would be destroyed, fans also believed that the meteors might be bringing aliens to Fortnite. So far, no aliens have appeared, just destruction.

At this stage, it’s unclear if players can be hurt or killed by a stray meteor, but I’d say that’s going to happen at some point. Epic has also been teasing Season 4 with an image that looks like it’s superhero themed. 

Could the Fortnite meteors bring cosmic dust into the game, granting superpowers?

Finally, Epic posted a tweet not long ago, advising that some brand-new space-themed outfits and gliders were available. Check them out.

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