The T-54 Motherland tank returns to World of Tanks for the Soviet Dream Machines Event

For the entire month of May, Wargaming will be hosting a special event for World of Tanks on consoles. The Soviet Dream Machines event begins May 1, 2018 and will see the return of one of World of Tanks most popular tanks.

The T-54 Motherland Tank has achieved near mythic status amongst World of Tanks fans and “a rare and prestigious tank, unlockable only by the most skilled commanders.”

In addition to the Soviet Dream Machines event, Wargaming will be launching the brand new World of Tanks: Citadel comic from Dark Horse and Garth Ennis (PreacherThe Punisher.)

T-54 Motherland Tank World of Tanks

The Soviet Dream Machines event will feature month-long Soviet Ops. By getting kills with a Soviet tank or by destroying Soviet Tanks, players will unlock special rewards.

During Soviet Dream Machines, a brand-new map will be released which is “based on the pivotal Khalkhin Gol tanks battles of early World War II.” The Nomonhan map is the site of one Japan’s first defeats at the hands of Soviet tank commander Zhukov.

To celebrate the release of World of Tanks: Citadel there will be Hero tanks, combat vehicles and other prizes available from May 9, 2018.

World of Tanks: Citadel is written by Garth Ennis creator of Preacher who brings his skills to the world of World of Tanks.

The Eastern Front, 1943: as the cataclysmic Battle of Kursk looms large, Captain Piotr Piotrowicz and his driver, Natalya ”Ginger” Pulkhova, prepare their unit for action– equipped with the worst tanks in the Russian inventory.

On the opposite side, German tankers Karl Kraft and Freddie Stadler brace for the onslaught–well aware that failure here will put their Soviet enemy on the road to Berlin.

Garth Ennis and PJ Holden present a second action-packed story of armored warfare, inspired by the phenomenally popular game World of Tanks.

World of Tanks’ Soviet Dream Machines event begins May 1, 2018, and runs for the entire month. 

It will be available on World of Tanks console; PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One.

Good luck getting your hands on the T-54 Motherland.

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