Microsoft and Discord collaborate to bring the chat platform to Xbox One

Microsoft and Discord announced a collaboration earlier today. The partnership will see the Discord chat platform launch on Xbox One.

It’s hoped that this partnership will help PC and Xbox gamers connect with each other, chat and see what games are being played cross-platform. Microsoft says that adding Discord to Xbox One is a way to give its players choice and allow them to play how they want.

The addition of Discord to Xbox One comes from fan feedback so that players can let their Discord friends see their game status so they can join if they choose.

Xbox One Discord

The ability to link your Xbox One and Discord accounts will be given to Xbox One Insiders later this week. The broader Xbox One community will be able to link their accounts at a later date. 

To link your accounts follow these steps;

  • Open the Account Settings menu on Xbox One
  • Select “Linked social accounts.” 
  • Select the option for linking your Discord account.
  • Once you receive your unique code from Xbox, open the Discord app and insert the code into the Connections tab

PC users will also be able to link their Xbox accounts via the Discord app. In the Connections tab under User Settings, the option to link the accounts will be available. Once users click on the Xbox Live option, sign in and give permission, the accounts will be linked.

Discord for Xbox Live

After the Xbox and Discord accounts are linked, Xbox Live status can be shared to Discord. This allows friends to see your activity, chat and join you if they like.

Microsoft said of the collaboration;

We’re excited about working with Discord and are thrilled to enable new ways for gamers to connect with one another online.

Xbox Insiders, look out for the Discord linking ability soon. Everyone, you’ll have to stay patient.

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