Check out a brand-new Dark Souls Remastered gameplay trailer, discount available for Prepare to Die Edition owners

Just a week ago we learned the awful news that Dark Souls Remastered would be delayed on Switch. Thankfully, Bandai Namco is trying to ease the pain with this brand-new Dark Souls Remastered gameplay trailer it just released.

This new Dark Souls Remastered gameplay trailer gives us a short, one-minute look at the highly anticipated remaster.

The trailer doesn’t focus on one element of the game or another but is instead like a collection of Dark Souls’ greatest hits. 

Dark Souls Remastered Gameplay Trailer

The best place to go for an endorsement of Dark Souls is those players who’ve become enamoured with it. If you can’t find own of those, then Bandai Namco will do in a pinch.

In its description of Dark Souls Remastered it writes;

Book passage to Lordran and traverse the limits of adventure. From the top of the highest tower to the most obscure depths of the earth, this quest holds dangers and marvels beyond human understanding.

The remaster will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One from May 25, 2018. The Switch version has been delayed until Summer 2018 (Winter in the Southern Hemisphere).

We do know that the Switch version will still get a Network Test before launch, but it will be different to the network tests on other platforms.

Finally, From Software has announced that those who already own Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition on PC, will be able to upgrade to the remastered version for a discounted price. A 50% discount will be applied, which might tip the scales in favour of the PC version.

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