Octopath Traveler trailer showcases new characters, gameplay details and more

Square Enix has released an April Overview trailer for the upcoming Nintendo Switch RPG, Octopath Traveler. The new Octopath Traveler details include two new playable characters, expands on Path Actions and introduces Sub-Stories.

Octopath Traveler details have been much sought after by fans and these new ones are sure to whet the appetite. With the trailer and official website being in Japanese, we have Nintendo Everything to thank for the translations below.

Octopath Traveler is due out in July, so the more details we can get our hands on, the better.

Octopath Traveler Details

The two new playable characters that have been introduced are H’aanit and Therion. H’aanit is a hunter and Therion a thief. Both have unique Path Actions that can be used as do all playable characters. 

However, with the April Overview trailer, Square Enix has expanded upon what Path Actions are and how they work.

There are two types of Path Actions, Noble and Rogue. These actions have consequences for the player, though taking a different Path Action will usually achieve the same result. 

An example given is when acquiring items from NPC. The Noble Path Action is to buy them, while the Rogue Path Action is to steal them. Noble Actions will always succeed, but require the player to spend money. 

Rogue Actions have a chance to fail and in the event that they do, the player will lose standing among NPCs. If a player’s standing is too low, certain quests and conversations will be locked. Thankfully, a player’s standing can be raised by visiting an Innkeeper.

Sub-Stories are side quests that are heavily reliant on Path Actions. These side quests will have multiple branching paths based on which Path Actions a player uses. 

Octopath Traveler – H’aanit and Therion

According to Nintendo Everything, H’aanit is;

A hunter who lives a solitary life in a village deep in the woods. Her mentor left the village a year ago to hunt a demon called “Red Eyes”. Worried, H’aanit sets out to look for her mentor and the demon.


Her Path Action is “Incite”, which she can use to set animals she has tamed on someone. In combat, she uses bows, a weapon class that has high accuracy. Hunters can also increase the critical hit chance of allies or delay the actions of enemies.

And Therion;

His past is a complete mystery, but his shady appearance and the rumors that have sprung up around his mysterious origins have made the nobles and the wealthy weary of him.


Naturally, as a thief, his Path Action is “Steal”, which allows him to steal items from people. You won’t necessarily use that ability only for personal gain though – you can also steal items and give them to people that desperately need them.


In combat, thiefs use daggers and can strike often thanks to their high speed. They can also steal HP and SP from enemies and lower their stats.

These new Octopath Traveler details shine a new light on some interesting parts of the game. While Octopath Traveler is still a ways off, I’m certainly looking forward to getting my hands on it,

Octopath Traveler will launch exclusively for Switch on July 13, 2018.

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