Rare might be teasing Perfect Dark


It looks like Rare is teasing a new entry in the Perfect Dark franchise. In a tweet responding to streamer SlasherSteveRare hinted that some news about Perfect Dark will be forthcoming this summer (Winter in the Southern Hemisphere).

Perfect Dark has been dormant since the release of Perfect Dark Zero on Xbox 360. A re-release of the N64 original was released for Xbox 360 Arcade in 2010.

Rare teasing Perfect Dark is a big deal as it’s one of the developer’s most loved franchises.

Rare teasing Perfect Dark

The original Perfect Dark was released for the N64 way back in 2000. A pseudo-sequel to GoldenEye 007, Rare developed Perfect Dark to continue its work on the shooter genre, despite not having the James Bond license. 

Perfect Dark was one of the N64’s most well-received games and is still a fan favourite nearly 20-years later.

Unfortunately, Perfect Dark Zero was underwhelming and although it sold over one million copies, it doesn’t receive the same acclaim as the original.

It’s been eight years since Perfect Dark was released on Xbox 360 and a staggering 13 years since Perfect Dark Zero. Fans have been waiting a very long time for news of a new game and this might be it.

Please let it be true

Rare’s tweet, above, says that SlasherSteve’s tweet, in which he claims to have found Perfect Dark shorts hidden in his attic, is “Right on time.”

The tweet also says that “it’ll be summer shortly.” Now, since the picture is of a pair of shorts, Rare is making a great pun. It also seems to be a direct reference to E3, which takes place in Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, where Rare is situated. 

Responding to a tweet in this manner could simply be an interaction on social media. However, there does seem to be a little more to it and with Sea of Thieves being released, it’s prime time for Rare to reveal its next project.

We have our fingers very tightly crossed that this is legit. 

What would you like to see from a new Perfect Dark?

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