Rumour – Check out this Spyro Trilogy Remaster Logo, the Trailer is coming tomorrow

Take this one with a grain of salt, but a user on Reddit is claiming to have received the logo for the Spyro Trilogy Remaster. The same user is claiming that a Spyro Remaster Trilogy trailer will be released tomorrow.

The user, bigpuffy, has posted a small section of the logo as well as providing some additional information.

Spyro Trilogy Remaster Trailer

According to bigpuffy, the name of the Spyro Trilogy Remaster is fire themed. He also suggested that the name is similar in form to Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

While the Spyro subreddit was highly sceptical of his claims, bigpuffy managed to turn them around.

He has also claimed that the Spyro Trilogy Remaster trailer will be released tomorrow. When asked who the developer of the remaster is, bigpuffy was unable to say. Not because he was prevented, but because he claimed he didn’t know.

His post in the subreddit was initially deleted by mods as it was suspected of being fake, but after discussions with mods (in which he may have provided proof) and him posting a part of the logo, his post was reinstated.

This is the image he posted which is purported to be a part of the logo. He also posted the ‘O’ which can be seen below.

Users in the subreddit have compared this ‘S’ with others from previous Spyro games. They were satisfied that it wasn’t from any of them and so believed that it may be legitimate. 

Bigpuffy claims he can not reveal the full logo or the game’s name as it would compromise the company he works for. Looking through his Reddit history suggests that he is a graphic designer or someone who works with video editing, which may be why he has access to the logo, game name and knows that a trailer is coming out tomorrow.

It’s certainly not outside the realms of possibility for this to be real, especially considering the other Spyro related teasers that have gone on in the last few days. 


I think the Reddit community is right to be sceptical of this unsubstantiated claims, but at the same time, bigpuffy does present some credible information. 

If there is a Spyro Trilogy Remaster trailer released tomorrow then bigpuffy will be proven right. If not, then he’s just another in a long line of pranksters playing on Spyro fans.

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