Overwatch Retribution lets players experience the Blackwatch mission in Venice

Well, folks, the information we had was right. The second of two PvE missions available in Overwatch’s next event is Overwatch Retribution and it’s set in Venice.

The mission stars McCree, Reaper, Moira (in a fancy Blackwatch skin) and Genji.

The announcement was made on Twitter via the Overwatch account.

Additional information was provided by Jeff Kaplan at the Overwatch League. He announced that as part of Overwatch Retribution a new map would be added to the PvP rotation.

The map, Rialto, is a payload map and is where Overwatch Retribution takes place. However, it will not be available right away and will instead be put on the PTR first.

Overwatch Retribution

This limited time event will run alongside the King’s Row Uprising event but will be a very different mission indeed.

In the trailer below, we hear Reaper and Soldier 76 discussing the Venice mission. Soldier 76 wants to know exactly what happened and Reaper is being a little cagey.

The trailer shows Reaper, Moira, Genji and McCree in their Blackwatch skins (YAY MOIRA!) and it shows them going up against Talon.

The different enemy types look to echo the Overwatch hero’s, but they’re not direct copies like the Omnic versions of Bastion and Orisa. There is a female assassin who appears to have a similar move set to Genji but has two blades.

The trailer also shows a large enemy wielding two chain guns and a sniper. It certainly looks intense and we can’t wait to play it.

Jeff Kaplan also advised that Overwatch Retribution will be available to play in an all-heroes mode, so players won’t have to stick to just the four characters in the trailer.

All of Overwatch’s social media accounts have been updated for the event and all feature Blackwatch imagery.

The limited time event will run from April 10 through to April 30. It will include both King’s Row Uprising and Overwatch Retribution along with a host of new cosmetics. 

All of the old cosmetics from last year’s event will be able to be earned and purchased with in-game gold for a reduced price.

What do you think of the new mission?

Below is Blizzard’s description of Overwatch Retribution.

Travel eight years into the past and join Blackwatch as they seek to capture a high-ranking member of the Talon organization.

Fight in the streets of Venice as Genji, Moira, McCree, or Reyes (later known as Reaper) to complete the mission and unlock pieces of the past with over 100 items from last year and 60 new ones—including highlight intros, emotes, sprays, and more.

These archives are yours to explore starting April 10.

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