Insomniac Games – Spider-Man is “never” coming to Xbox One

Sorry Xbox fans, but it doesn’t seem like Spider-Man on Xbox One will ever happen. 

Insomniac has given a rather blunt response to a fan querying when Spider-Man will be released on Xbox One via Twitter

First announced at E3 2016, during Sony’s press conference, Spider-Man has been closely followed by fans. Game Informer is kicking off a month of Spider-Man content tomorrow, including revealing the release date for the game. 

Further down, we have embedded the Game Informer coverage trailer which shows off some pretty special looking gameplay and visuals.

Spider-Man on Xbox One

Obviously, a game featuring everyone’s favourite web crawler is going to be hot property. Especially when it’s being developed by a world-class developer like Insomniac.

So you’ve got to feel a little sorry for the Twitter user in the following exchange with Insomniac.


Spider-Man is coming to PS4 in 2018 and it will “never” come to Xbox. 

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