Overwatch Uprising returns next month

Blizzard has announced that Overwatch Uprising is coming back next month. A teaser posted on Twitter (below) mentions King’s Row and a declassification date on April 10.

This presumably means that the event will commence on April 10.

Overwatch Uprising

Overwatch Uprising opens up a four-player co-op PvE in which players take on waves of Omnics. The PvE Brawl mode features Reinhardt, Tracer, Torbjorn and Mercy and players are randomly assigned a character.

As with all Overwatch events, Uprising added over 100 cosmetic items last year and expect the same this year. To see last year’s items and which you have unlocked, head to the Uprising website.

Expect to hear more about Overwatch Uprising in the next week as Blizzard teases new skins and items. 

Overwatch Game of the Year Edition is currently 50% off until April 3.

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