Hellblade is coming to Xbox One next month with Xbox One X enhancements

Well, the cat’s out of the bag. We all assumed Hellblade would be released for Xbox One and now we know it will be. And soon.

Ninja Theory announced on Twitter today that Hellblade will be released on Xbox One on April 11.

Hellblade on Xbox One

Earlier this month, we noticed that Hellblade had been reclassified in Australia, suggesting a release for Xbox One. According to Ninja Theory, the release of Hellblade on Xbox One comes with a few Xbox One X enhancements.

The Xbox One X enhancements give players three options to choose from; “Enhanced Visuals, Higher Performance (60fps) or High Resolution (dynamic resolution up to 4k).”

Hellblade is already a visually stunning game, so these enhancements are sure to make the wait worth it for Xbox owners.

Hellblade is available for PS4 and PC and will release for Xbox One on April 11. 

It was recently nominated for nine BAFTAs.

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