Hori is making a Switch Joy-Con with a D-Pad

Hori has announced that it is making a Switch Joy-Con complete with a D-Pad. Instead of the standard four-buttons on the official Joy-Con, the Hori Switch Joy-Con has a real, familiar D-Pad.

The Switch’s four-button D-Pad makes it difficult to play fighting games. It also makes it a little difficult for some other genres, however, the Pro Controller is a good substitute as it does come with a real, proper D-Pad.

While the Hori Switch Joy-Con is really good news, the caveats for the controller, unfortunately, undermine a lot of the good.

Hori Switch Joy-Con D-Pad

On the official website for the Hori Switch Joy-Con, it is noted that it only works in handheld mode. Hori’s Joy-Con doesn’t have any access to the wireless connectivity and as such, can’t be used wirelessly or with the Joy-Con Grip.

The Hori website states; (thanks to Google translate)

  • This product is a controller that operates only in portable mode. It can not be used as a wireless controller. 
  • Because this product is dedicated to the portable mode, wireless communication is not performed in “TV mode” and “table mode”
  • This product can not be used with peripheral equipment corresponding to Joy-Con. 
  • With this product, the following functions installed in Joy – Con (L) can not be used.
    • HD vibration / player lamp / synchro button / SL button / SR button
  • This product is not equipped with “acceleration sensor” and “gyro sensor”. 
    • During the game, “acceleration sensor” and “gyro sensor” on Joy – Con (R) side will function.

Hori has stated that the controller is expected to launch in Japan in July for  ¥2,480 (tax included ¥ 2,678), $25 USD/ $33 AUD.

The lack of many features is certainly a dampener, but it’s not really the point of the Hori Switch Joy-Con. It’s meant to be used in handheld mode to give access to a real and proper D-Pad.

The Pro Controller is the best way to enjoy a real D-Pad in TV mode and thanks to Hori, we’ll be able to use a real D-Pad in handheld mode too.

It’s not yet known if the Hori Switch Joy-Con will be released outside of Japan. More news as we have it.

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