Nintendo confirms Smash Bros. is coming to the Switch

The rumours were accurateSuper Smash Bros Switch is real and it’s coming out this year.

Nintendo used the March Nintendo Direct to announce Super Smash Bros Switch. A short teaser appeared at the very end of the Direct which featured the Inklings from Splatoon, Mario and Link.

Super Smash Bros Switch

Super Smash Bros Switch was rumoured to be coming to Switch last month. The rumour came courtesy of Resetera Admin Emily Rogers, who has a history of leaking true information. Rogers was the industry insider who leaked the full and accurate Nintendo Switch specifications prior to release.

According to Rogers, Super Smash Bros Switch isn’t just a “straight port.” It will include all of the Wii U/3DS content, some of which will be updated or upgraded in some way. It will also include brand-new content.

It’s clear now that the Nintendo Direct is finished that at least some of that ‘brand-new’ content is the Inklings.

Smash Bros on the Go

Towards the end of the teaser, we see a glimpse of silhouetted characters. We can make out;

  • Bowser,
  • Donkey Kong
  • Samus
  • Link
  • Kirby
  • Mario

There are plenty more characters in the group, but it’s a little hard to make them all out. It’s likely we’ll see the return of most, if not all, of the fighters from the Wii U version.

Stay tuned and we’ll be sure to bring you all Super Smash Bros Switch news.

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