The Fractured But Whole DLC “From Dusk to Casa Bonita” available later this month

South Park: The Fractured But Whole DLC “From Dusk to Casa Bonita” is coming out later this month. The new content will let players explore Cartman’s favourite restaurant while adding a brand new superhero class, new party member and new powers.

In The Fractured But Whole DLC, Mysterion’s sister is in trouble and it’s up to Coon & Friends and the Freedom Pals to save her and save the day.

The Fractured But Whole DLC – “From Dusk to Casa Bonita”

In “From Dusk to Casa Bonita” players will need to work to free Mysterion’s sister from the clutches of the Vamp kids who have descended upon Casa Bonita.

Mysterion’s sister is in trouble. She’s fallen in with the Vamp Kids of South Park, who have descended upon Cartman’s favorite restaurant, Casa Bonita. Visit the famous family eatery and explore Black Bart’s Cave, watch the cliff divers, taste the magic of Mexico and defeat the brood of Vampires.

“From Dusk to Casa Bonita” will introduce the brand-new Netherborn superhero class which will let players try out four Occult based powers. In addition, Henrietta the goth will be a new buddy and will provide support as a Witch.

In addition to being able to use the Netherborn class and Henrietta while visiting Casa Bonita, players will be able to use the new class and buddy for the duration of the entire The Fractured But Whole adventure.

“From Dusk to Casa Bonita” is the first The Fractured But Whole DLC. It is part of the season pass and will be purchasable separately when it’s released.

“From Dusk to Casa Bonita” will be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 20.

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