Shadowverse Dawnbreak Nightedge expansion is launching this month

Cygames’ CCG Shadowverse will be receiving its eighth expansion this month, “Dawnbreak, Nightedge.” The Shadowverse Dawnbreak Nightedge expansion includes a whole range of new cards and improvements to the title.

Along with new cards, the Shadowverse Dawnbreak Nightedge expansion will introduce the brand-new ‘choose’ keyword. ‘Choose’ allows players to select from a range of abilities and/or effects when playing cards with the keyword.

Shadowverse Dawnbreak Nightedge expansion

Expert level Shadowverse players will be able to use ‘Choose” to create decks with previously unheard of levels of depth and to create strategies on the fly.

The Shadowverse Dawnbreak Nightedge expansion will include two cards that come with free leader skins. The skins have been decided based on the first birthday card popularity poll which took place in-game in 2017.

Along with the release of the eighth expansion, Cygames has announced that all players will receive a free Legendary card.

PAX East will host a Shadowverse showcase demonstrating the new expansion and the ‘Choose’ keyword.

For more information on Dawnbreak Nightedge, head to the official website.

Shadowverse is free-to-play on Android, iOS and PC.

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