Metal Gear Survive Guide – How to build the Advanced Weapon Workbench

In Metal Gear Survive, survival is key. Key to that key is weaponry, especially guns. If you want to craft guns, you’ll need the Metal Gear Survive Advanced Weapon Workbench.

It mightn’t surprise you that in a survival game, you won’t have access to the best equipment right away. So just when can you build the Metal Gear Survive Advanced Weapon Workbench?

Let’s find out.

Metal Gear Survive Advanced Weapon Workbench

When you first start Metal Gear Survive, you’ll briefly have a handgun. In the commotion of the tutorial mission though, you lose the gun and any chance you had to kill the Wanderers from afar.

After that, you’re stuck with a spiked pole and a Rusty Machete for a while. That is if you’re lucky/clever enough to scout around, collect materials and progress through the early missions.

As you continue, it becomes pretty clear that you’re going to need some hefty firepower if you’re going to make it out of Dite alive. And that’s where the Metal Gear Survive Advanced Weapon Workbench comes into play.

At the conclusion of Chapter 3, after you first head into The Dust to recover a Memory Board, you’ll find yourself back at Base Camp. You’ll then be given the next mission of activating nearby Wormhole Transporters.

At this point, you should notice that the Construction Terminal is showing the icon that notifies you of something new. Head on over and you’ll discover that you can now construct the Advanced Weapon Workbench.

Unfortunately, you’ll need the following to get it up and running;

  • 5 pieces of Iron
  • 5 Screws
  • 5 Gears

Iron and Screws are relatively easy to come across, but Gears are a little trickier. They can be found in broken clocks and other mechanical devices. Though be warned, they pretty scarce early on.

Good luck!

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Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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