Xbox is celebrating the Year of the Dog in style with Xbox CosPups

This one gets props for just how adorable it is. It might actually be my favourite thing Xbox has ever done. These Xbox CosPups celebrate Year of the Dog in Style thanks to Microsoft.

The start of the Lunar New year kicked off on February 16. It’s a two week period of celebration across China and Asian communities worldwide.

As this Lunar New Year coincides with the Chinese Zodiac symbol of the Dog, Microsoft and the Xbox CosPups celebrate Year of the Dog together.

Mutt-cus Fenix

Xbox sought the help of world-renowned dog fashion designer Roberto Negrini to create some special Year of the Dog costumes, themed after some of Xbox’s biggest games. They are just too damn cute.

Drawing from Halo, Forza, Sea of Thieves, PUBG and Gears of War, the Xbox CosPups celebrate Year of the Dog as their alter egos; Master Chihuahua, Sea of Fleas, Mutt-cus Fenix, Paw-za and PUG-G.

Master Chihuahua

To celebrate the Lunar New Year and help the Xbox CosPups celebrate Year of the Dog, make sure you check out the video below. Hats of to Xbox for such a cute and fun way to ring in the Lunar New Year.


He knows he’s a good boy. Especially because he’s allowed to chase other cars.

Sea of Fleas

He’d rather chase the plank than walk it.


All he really wants is that chicken dinner.

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