Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies Guide – How to turn on the power

Call of Duty: WWII’s Nazi Zombies mode is one of the best things in the game. It’s tense and gets exponentially harder the longer you play.

It’s also pretty obtuse and solving its puzzles and actually making any progress can be tough. Luckily, PowerUp! is here to set you on the right path and walk you through some of the steps.

How to turn on the power

When you first start up Nazi Zombies you’ll be in a small area with three gates. Only one is able to be opened after you’ve acquired 750 jolts. The other two are locked because of a lack of power.

The same goes for the bunker door and lots of other gates located around the map. The first wave will be incredibly easy and will allow you to open the gate. Once you’ve done so, you’ll need to head forwards, then take a right-hand turn once you reach the hole in the ground.

Turn on the Gas Valves

Here’s where you’ll find the first of three gas valves. All three need to be turned on in order to turn on the power. Walk up to the valve and hold down Square or X to turn it. Keep holding it until the dial reaches the top and your character mentions that the gas has turned on.

The second of the three gals valves is located behind the first. Once you’ve finished. Turn to your right and go towards and then past the hole in the ground. You will see some open windows to your right and the second valve is opposite them.

To access the third valve, you’ll need to earn 1,000 jolts so you can open up the gates that lead to the Riverside. There are two gates that grant access to this area and opening one opens them both.

One of the gates is located near the beginning of the map. Once you exit the first gate you opened, make a left-hand turn and you’ll come across the gate. This is the closed gate to the valve.

The second gate is located near the second valve. Simply turn around from the valve and head past the burnt out truck and barbed wire. Once you opened either gate, you’ll need to make your way to the third valve.

From the first Riverside gate, you only need to walk directly ahead to reach the valve. If you open the other gate, you’ll need to move forward and down the stairs. Then go around the barbed wire until you reach a gate that leads to the Pub. From here turn left and you’ll come across the valve. It’s the first picture in this guide.

Ignite the Pilot Light

Now that all three gas valves are turned on, you need to ignite the pilot light. When you do, you will be swarmed by Zombies and Pest Zombies that are also on fire. So make sure you’re ready. It might be a good idea to grab some armour and new weapons at this point.

To ignite the pilot light, head back to the hole in the ground int he central area. You should see a mounted device on one corner. Approach it and hold down Square or X when prompted. Then stand back.

Flaming Zombies will come crawling out of the hole, but you’ll now also be able to jump down there and access the generator to restore power. Once you’ve defeated all of the flaming Zombies, jump down and go up the slope to your left until you find yourself at the generator.

Hold Square or X to turn it on and you’ll have restored power to the town. Now you can open every gate and the bunker door. Provided you have enough jolts of course.

Call of Duty: WWII is available now.

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
I've been playing games for the past 27 years and have been writing for almost as long. Combining two passions in the way I'm able is a true privilege. PowerUp! is a labour of love and one I am so excited to share.

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