Star Wars: Battlefront II – How to unlock the Dark Forces Trophy

In Star Wars: Battlefront II, there are plenty of trophies available for completing feats in multiplayer. There are also lots of trophies to be unlocked by carrying out certain actions in the campaign.

The campaign-related trophies are secret, but there’s one you can earn in the very first mission. This short guide should help you unlock the Dark Forces trophy in Battlefront II.

Give those Rebels the Shocker

The Dark Forces trophy requires players to take out three enemies at once with a single use of the Droid’s shock ability. This can easily be done on the very first mission of the game. You can see how we managed it in the video above.

Near the end of the missions, Iden will come up to a Rebel trooper with his back to her. She can take him out silently and then take out the Rebel just ahead. There are two Rebels on the walkway above, but they can be ignored or shot. Whatever you prefer.

A third Rebel will be to Iden’s right after taking out the second. Take this enemy out and head down the corridor to Iden’s right when you first entered the room. Doors down the far end of this corridor will open and some Rebels will fire at you. Ignore them and take the first right. It will lead to a dead-end with a Rebel to kill. After you’ve taken them out, go back the way you came and turn right, heading towards the door that opened.

In the time you spend taking care of the Rebel at the dead-end, the three down the end of the corridor will have grouped up. As soon as you see the lightning bolt icon above one of them, hit Triangle or Y and send the Droid in. You should get a triple-kill and the trophy should unlock.

Star Wars: Battlefront II will be available on November 17. Those who preordered the Elite Edition gained access from November 14.

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