YaTo RSGaming claims victory at the World of Tanks APAC Finals, Team Efficiency takes second place

On Sunday the World of Tanks APAC Finals were held in Sydney. Over 40,000 fans tuned in to watch online and YaTo RSGaming claimed victory.

Favourites and juggernaut World of Tanks team EL Gaming was, unfortunately, unable to attend due to visa issues. This meant that Australian team Team Efficiency proceeded directly to the Final match. By proceeding directly to the Final, Team Efficiency was guaranteed a spot at the Final Battle in Moscow in December.

Team Efficiency must be celebrating the two sweetest words in the English language.

The other semi-final was a face-off between the two remaining Chinese teams; Seven Pirates and YaTo RSGaming. YaTo RSGaming defeated their countrymen and moved onto the Final against Team Efficiency. Winning nine rounds against Team Efficiency, ultimately YaTo RSGaming took first prize and $50,000 USD.

Both YaTo RSGaming and Team Efficiency have now earned their place at the Final Battle in Moscow. The Final Battle playoffs will be held on December 13-17 and the Final Showdown on December 23.

Jini Jun, Wargaming.net Head of Competitive Gaming APAC said: “It was brilliant to be there in person and to see the sparks fly in this year’s highly competitive Season Finals.”

“To bring the WGL Finals back to Sydney is a great joy for me and for Wargaming. We’ve seen some fantastic battles throughout the season as well as this weekend, and I hope that our Australian fans and our APAC players that tuned in really enjoyed the show!”

Congratulations to both Team Efficiency and YaTo RSGaming. Do us proud in the Final Battle.

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