Just Dance 2018 demo on Xbox Store lists PlayStation Move and PlayStation Camera accessories

Uh-oh, someone dun goofed. The demo for Just Dance 2018 has just gone live on the Xbox Games Store today. Unfortunately, whoever posted it forgot to double-check it.

In the demo’s description, we’re given the usual information from a game listing.

Try Just Dance 2018 for free now! Turn up the volume and dance your heart out now on “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars.

Play the Just Dance 2018 Demo with your smartphone! Simply download the free Just Dance Controller App to your smartphone to dance with up to 6 players!

The very next line though is where things fall apart. It reads, “The Just Dance 2018 Demo is also compatible with PS Move/PS Camera for up to 4 players.”

Unless Xbox One is suddenly supporting PlayStation accessories, this is a pretty big mistake. We’ve screenshotted it for posterity.

We’re pretty confident that the Xbox One version won’t support PlayStation Move or PlayStation Camera.

Just Dance 2018 is coming to PS4, Switch and Xbox One on October 24.

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