September Nintendo Direct – Project Octopath Traveler

Project OctopathTraveler is coming to Switch in 2018, courtesy of the producer of Bravely Default. The ‘2D-HD’ title is being published by Square Enix and combines SNES style, pixelated sprites within a 3D, textured HD world.

The working title comes from the eight player characters each imbued with a unique ability. Utilising a turn-based battle system, each character’s ability will come in handy at various points with one able to challenge others to battle and another alluring them and able to use enemies as allies.

Project Octopath Traveler takes place in the fantasy realm of Orsterra, but no other story information has been released. A playable demo is available on the Nintendo eShop.

Project Octopath Traveler will be available for Switch in 2018.

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